Gas Emergency? Please Call Emergency Gas Control @
Smell Gas?


We put an odor in natural gas as a built in safety signal. It smells bad . . . but that’s good!

A "whiff” of gas is your safety signal. Familiarize yourself and your family with the odor of gas.

It is not normal to smell gas. Even the smallest amount may indicate trouble. If you do smell gas, follow the safety procedures outlined below and contact Delta immediately.

  • If possible, eliminate any source of ignition.
  • Do not smoke. Do not use lighters or matches.
  • Do not turn on/off any switches or appliances or use the garage door opener.
  • Do not use a phone or cell phone.
  • Leave the area and go to a safe location and call Delta toll-free at:

You can reach us any time. Just tell us you smell gas and we will send a service representative to your home to make a thorough check. We have personnel on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergency calls.

Safety procedures are designed to protect you because your safety is the most important part of our service. We work constantly to keep it that way.