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Common Questions

Pay your bill online with eAccount.


Download the Delta Gas app and pay from your smartphone or tablet.


Pay by phone through processor ACI Speedpay: 855-730-8765. Please allow 24 hours for payments to process.


Pay by mail: 3617 Lexington Rd. Winchester, KY 40391

Customers needing to make cash payments can do so at Western Union locations, such as those in area Wal-Marts and other stores.

Beginning May 1, 2023, all Delta Natural Gas customers will call 888-427-7335 for Customer Service. We are happy to announce an expansion of Customer Service Call Center hours to accompany this new number. Customer Service staff will now be available from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern. Please continue to call 800-432-0771 to reach Emergency Gas Control.

Beginning June 1, 2023, we will no longer offer in-person Customer Service or bill payment at our Delta office locations. Please call 888-427-7335 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. We now offer online bill payment via eAccount, as well as phone and mail options.

Delta’s extension policy is that per customer, a customer at a minimum must utilize natural gas for one connected natural gas appliance to qualify for up to 100 feet of main at no cost.

Delta provides the first one hundred feet of service line at no cost.  Additional service line if necessary will be installed by the company at $3.00 per foot or the individual may open and close the trench and be charged only the cost of the materials $0.43/Ft.

Delta provides the meter and first cut regulator at no cost.

We pride ourselves on the excellent manner in which we perform cleanup. Delta will repair all construction excavation by backfilling and tamping trench lines, as well as reseeding and strawing the affected area.

Yes, Delta requires a $95.00 refundable service deposit.  After good payment history has been established, the deposit plus interest, at a 6% annual rate, is refunded to the customer.

Yes, there is a $20.90 minimum monthly residential customer service charge along with applicable state, local, school taxes and city franchise fees.  In addition to the minimum charge the customer only pays for the natural gas that is actually used during that billing period plus applicable taxes and fees.

Plumbing downstream of the meter or installation of natural gas equipment is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Check around your area for reputable contractors and heating installers that provide safe installation at a reasonable cost.

Yes, prior to setting the meter, Delta personnel will 1) inspect and test house-piping (schedule 40 black iron) 2) check to see that approved shut-off valves are installed before each appliance 3) inspect for approved appliances and 4) inspect for proper venting material.  Upon completion of the inspection/tests, Delta personnel will put each appliance into operation to assure they are working properly.

Natural gas is less expensive than propane. It takes 10.9 gallons of propane to equal one Mcf of natural gas.  So if you’re paying $2.00 a gallon for winter propane that’s $21.80 compared to the cost of one Mcf of natural gas, currently $10.43. That’s around 52% savings on your fuel bill.

Yes, Delta customers can sign up for Budget Payment Program, and spread actual costs for their natural gas service evenly throughout the year. This is a great option for budget conscious consumers, as well as customers on a fixed income.

Visit the Community Action Agency in your county and inquire about the Delta Natural Gas Energy Assistance Program (Delta EAP).


    • Delta EAP is a program provided in partnership with Community Action Council.
    • The goal of the program is to offer low-income Delta customers an affordable gas bill payment by providing a credit to their Delta Gas account for the 5 heating months: November - $50, December - $70, January - $90, February - $100, March - $100.
    • It is anticipated that participation in the program will make energy more affordable and reduce the number of disconnects.


    • Applicants must be active Delta customers who have gas as their primary heat source.
    • Serves households with income up to 110% of poverty.
    • Applicants must be responsible for home energy costs (bill in their name or spouse’s name).
    • Participants must re-certify annually between August 15 and October 15.
    • Participants must apply for and accept Weatherization services if available.
    • Participants must apply for LIHEAP Subsidy and direct the payment to Delta Gas.

**Also inquire about the WinterCare program.