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Flow Valve


An excess flow valve is a device designed to automatically shut-off or restrict the flow of natural gas in the event the service line is broken. An excess flow valve could prevent injury and property damage that can result from excavation related incidents on gas service lines. This valve does not protect against slow leaks that may develop downstream of the service tap or the excess flow valve.

Upon customer request, Delta will install an excess flow valve which meets federal government standards for existing residential and small commercial service lines that operate at ten (10) psig or more and the load does not exceed 1,000 standard cubic feet per hour.

If you decide to have an excess flow valve installed on your gas service line, Delta will install and maintain the excess flow valve at no cost to you.

Delta is committed to the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to your home or business. Call your local District office if you have any questions, need any additional information or to request that an excess flow valve be installed on your service line.